• Photographer: Jonas Carlson Almqvist
  • Photography date: April 01, 2003
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Tomb of Ramses IX valley of kings

Ramesses IX (also written Ramses) (originally named 'Amon-her-khepshef Khaemwaset' (1129 – 1111 BC) was the eighth king of the Twentieth dynasty of Egypt. He was the third longest serving king of this Dynasty after Ramesses III and Ramesses XI. His reign is best known for the Year 16 tomb robberies, recorded in the Abbott Papyrus, the Leopold II-Amherst Papyrus and the Mayer Papyri, when several royal and noble tombs in the Western Theban necropolis were found to have been robbed, including that of a 17th Dynasty king, Sobekemsaf I.