• Photographer: Jonas Carlson Almqvist
  • Photography date: May 25, 2005
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  • Country:: Sweden
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Salem church

Salem Church is located on a peninsula in southern Born Sea embedded in large oak trees, lime trees, chat and birch trees. The tower with its anchor and iron parts of the wall to the vestry is from the 1100's. The baptismal font is also from the 1100's and a crucifix from the 1200's is displayed in the triumphal arch. Here was formerly a very beautiful altar screen from the late medieval, including the St. Botvid is depicted, it is now stored at the National History Museum in Stockholm. The church was in the Romanesque style and consisted of a longhouse 5 x 8 meters with choir and a connecting tower in the west.For centuries the church has been redesigned on several occasions.