Created by

Jonas Carlson Almqvist

Completed on

November 06, 2004

Royal Chapel

As long as the Royal Palace has been in Stockholm for as long as there has been a chapel, or chapel. Yes, at least since 1284 when the Pope gives his permission to make fair held at the castle, and probably it is also this year as the first chapel are made. In the Middle Ages was the chapel in Högslottets eastern wing of the old castle Tre Kronor. This was the original house so in the beginning, there was no other place it could of been anywhere but exactly where it was, we know not. Probably it was in the king floor and maybe the same place as it was in the 1500 century (see below). The first time that the chapel is mentioned in 1339 in a letter from Archbishop Peter in Uppsala. In 1405 served a priest named Peter in the chapel. In 1447 it is mentioned in a letter to Pope from King Magnus Eriksson on penitents who, in some festivities will visit the chapel. In 1510, the chapel is mentioned in a letter from Hemming Gadd to the regent Svante Nilsson. Although Olaus Petri mentions the chapel in connection with the massacre in 1520 and that the bishops Vincent and Mattz held captive there until their trial.