• Photographer: Jonas Carlson Almqvist
  • Photography date: June 22, 2004
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  • Country:: Sweden
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Näshult old Church

The wooden church of Näshult was built in 1732. There was another church built earlier standing on the same place, but no one actually knows how old the original church was. It was presumably built in the middle age. Näshults church was rebuilt in 1732, when it also received its ship-shaped look. The belltower was presumably built at the same time the original church was built, but it had to be renewed a few times. The benches in the church carry the names of the farmers of Näshult. You can find the same names on the right and left sides, because women and men were separated and were not allowed to sit beside each other. This custom was practiced until the year 1930. Some of the furniture and other things, like the winged altar, the triumph crucifix and the sacred shrine date also from the middle age.