• Photographer: Jonas Carlson Almqvist
  • Photography date: April 29, 2012
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  • Country:: Sweden
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Helgumannen, Fårö

Helgumannen is an old fishing village on the Swedish island of Fårö, which lies immediately north of the island of Gotland. It lies at the northern end of the reserve Digerhuvud, the largest Raukgebiet Gotland. The fishing village is still intact and used as a beige advertising for fishing. Even has its own well Helgumannen, the safe drinking water supplies. The fishing sites (fiskelägen Swedish Gotländska) are typical of Gotland. Today there are about 150 in various sizes. They were formerly seasonal primarily used by the farmers living on the coast. Previously Helgumannen was a great fisherman parts. They harpooned cod and herring caught by the nets of the boats threw out, without being anchored to the ground. Remains of stone landing equipment (boat ramps) in the water. Fishing shacks made ​​of wood or bricks stacked with boards or shingle roofs are close together. The stone walls are just a few layers high. Some booths look antiquated with high, steep roofs, which extend almost to the ground. Behind the stalls are still the remains of the old power garden where they hung their nets to dry. There are no windows. The entrance is on the gable end. There seems to get the pre-historic design to have stopped.